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Nick Walters
Sep 28, 2020
In Sonic Restoration Pieces
I really enjoyed this also. I had a thought after discussion yesterday; Improvisation. I'd come to love improvising with sound - also movement. And it was really becoming my 'default' expressive thing.. And lockdown suddenly made it illegal.. pretty much everything i was interested in doing was suddenly against the law. It was really shocking and actually quite depressing and difficult for me to re-calibrate. This project helped so much with finding new ways to improvise - beyond the kind've superficial zoom 'mimicking' I had experienced. Just mapping the old, real world onto this new, weird world somehow doesn't work, but re-inventing and being creative within these new parameters.. sort of does?? Look forward to more - oh yeah - one last thing - its kind've a shame that the story is 'finished'. It could continue infinitely - perhaps like star-wars - exploring another aspect of the Lyneham story - from a different angle ..? Anyway - great , great stuff.. and thanks again for this opportunity.. :)
Nick Walters
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